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Prestigious Breeds of Hospitality

weddings, parties, and luncheons... business, pleasure, passion, and more! Let prestigious breeds of hospitality staff and cater the event of your dreams!


Prestigious Breeds of Hospitality brings a unique and versatile new life to Event Staffing and Catering in the Greater Atlanta Metro area. With our innovative staffing designs and wide arrange of available catering styles, we can help you in creating the event or menu of your dreams and offer you and your guests a truly memorable fine dining experience.


Prestigious Breeds of Hospitality specializes in Creative Consulting, Customizable Staffing Options, as well as Custom Catered Menus with banquet staff and event services as options or added bonuses! Whatever your event, we can assist in making it stand out and shine. Small or large, casual or elegant - whatever your dream event, our staff and services will assist you in bringing it to life!